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November 28, 2013

By hovercraft.org

Used Hovercraft for Sale

Used Hovercraft for Sale

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Used Hovercraft for Sale - Hovercraft prices depend on specification, whether personal hovercraft or race type hovercraft. Hovercraft are weight dependent, so hovercraft engines tend to be lightweight. Some hovercraft manufacturers modify cheaper under powered engines to get better performance but doing so can invalidate the engine manufacturer’s warranty, something to check.

Used Hovercraft for Sale

Used Hovercraft for Sale

How much you need to spend depends on the quality and safety aspects as well as performance. Quite a few hovercraft for sale are made from hovercraft kits, so you need to consider safety aspects, check on-water payload, does the hovercraft have a tendency to plow in? Universal Hovercraft manufactured hovercraft kits and sell hovercraft plans, plus you can also find hovercraft plans on websites such as popular mechanics.

Before you buy a hovercraft, if you plan to use the hovercraft over water, you need to consider the on-water payload weight capability of the hovercraft, since some suppliers forget to mention owner payload – all hovercraft lift 50% more weight when starting on land, some suppliers fudge payload specifications.

If you are looking for leisure hovercraft, or commercial hovercraft, check out the hovercraft buyers guide at  http://www.buyhovercrafts.com

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