World’s First Unmanned Hovercraft

Extend Drone Range

World’s First Unmanned Hovercraft

Robotic Drone Capability

Hov Pod have developed the world’s first unmanned hovercraft which can be supplied configured with autonomous drone capability to robotically change power packs; or work with tethered drones powered by an onboard base station.

Unmanned Hovercraft
Unmanned Hovercraft

Locate flood victims, terrorists, smugglers and unexploded bombs, remotely

This hovercraft helps first responders during emergency disasters to access difficult to reach areas, and provide real time information and detect survivors.

Gathers data, without limitation of drone power, range and operating time

Real all-terrain capabilities to deliver real-time intelligence along any river, swamp. Operates over fast running rapids during flooding, inland coastal area, and land 24/7. This game changing development expands drone range / time operations to deliver real time surveillance, at far lower costs than alternative solutions. Improves security, saves money.

Save lives during flood emergency rescues, patrol borders to deter terrorists, drug and people trafficking. Detects and maps unexploded ordnance coordinates.

The Hov Pod unmanned Hovercraft can be operated remotely from a control centre, and go anywhere, over land, sea, sand, mud, ice, snow, over rapids and fast running water; indeed over any flat surface. The truck sized hulls carry up to nine people, and are constructed from Carbon Fibre / Kevlar Composite - hulls carry a 5 year warranty.

Search and Rescue - Flooding Emergencies

During national emergencies, defence services are routinely called upon to assist with search rescue operations. Hovercraft are far cheaper and more effective than expensive helicopters. Ideal for flooding emergencies, as hovercraft have no propeller to get snagged by street furniture, wire fences or floating debris, this unmanned (or manned) hovercraft will offer advanced search and rescue capabilities. No downdraft, long winch times, or the expensive running costs associated with helicopter operations.

New Autonomous Drone Technology eliminates range / time restrictions

Whereas battery powered drones suffer severely limited range and operating times, the unmanned Carbon Infinity hovercraft offers automatic robotic drone battery switching and recharging, or tether-powered drones with unlimited power, long range cameras, thermal imaging cameras, low light cameras, sensors, sonar, radar and 3D mapping to deliver intelligence in real-time from areas that are inaccessible to any other operations. This unmanned hovercraft significantly extends your range of operation time and distance.

Border Patrol to deter terrorist, drug and people smuggling

The autonomous all-terrain hovercraft will revolutionise land-air- water-based, security, military and surveillance operations. First responders and army personnel need not be put at risk during national emergencies or during border patrols.

Detect and map Unexploded Ordnance

Can be configured with GPS mapping and sensors to detect and map unexploded ordnance over land, shallow water or inter-tidal areas.

Bottom Line - Cheaper to purchase than the staffing and service costs of operating a helicopter, go further, see more, at lower cost (budget restrictions need not compromise defence capabilities or risk life).

Hov Pod will be exhibiting these capabilities at DSEI, September 12-15, 2017, London, UK, on stand N7-263.

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