Shellfish Farming

Shellfish farming by hovercraft

Clam, Cockle, Mussel Fishing by hovercraft

Shellfish fishing by hovercraft
Shellfish farming by hovercraft

Clams in their shells cost around $11 per pound in weight – how could you reach the clams, cockles, oysters and mussels other people cannot reach? Get a hovercraft! 

Shellfish farming by hovercraft – To access the best clam beds can be dangerous work – and can involve walking miles at low tide in areas that can trap you in sinking mud – get stuck in the mud, and you could drown from an incoming tidal surge, or suffer hypothermia. Find a way to reach clam beds at low tide without walking through sinking mud, quickly, and you can cash in on the demand for tasty clams – restaurants crave sources of fresh clams, but do a little research of your own to check demand and prices in your area. Shellfish farming can be very lucrative, but any operations in tidal areas have risks, and time restrictions – boats only operate at high tide. 

Commercial fishermen rake up clam beds, using very long specially design rakes – clam fishing can be hard and dangerous work, so no wonder clams cost as much as they do.

How can you exploit technology to cash in on clam fishing? – think outside the box and develop a new approach, reach those low tide clam beds by hovercraft!

Hovercraft are weight dependent so you will need a commercial type able to take a decent payload. The Hov Pod SPX TCC 120HP Turbo would do the job, and lift 717 pounds from an on-water start, or up to 50% more weight if starting from the mud itself. For larger operations consider the Carbon Infinity with more lifting power. For product details see

To grow your business further, you could rent out hovercraft to other users in defined areas. There are thousands of miles of foreshore tidal areas waiting to be exploited, what are you waiting for? For more information contact us at