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May 2, 2014

By hovercraft.org

Rescue Hovercraft

Rescue Hovercraft

Hovercraft are very useful for rescue from mud, floods, and to save people who have fallen through the ice.

Mud Rescues

Rescue Hovercraft – People often get stuck in mud, because as the tide changes, incoming tides change the viscosity of the mud, immobilizing the victim. Dry mud is easy to walk over, wet mud sucks!

Rescue Hovercraft

Rescue Hovercraft

There are three dangers affecting victims that get caught in mud – incoming tides can drown victims, the cold can cause hypothermia, and extraction from the mud can cause spinal injury if the suction effect is not dealt with.

A CO2 lance can be deployed to pump air under the feet of the victim to diminish the suction effect, and free the victim. Hypothermia can affect mobility, so “grab this rope” advice might not work so well – hence why boats are pretty useless in mud rescue situations. Hovercraft allow rescue teams to reach the victim quickly, before incoming tides claim the victim through drowning. Hovercraft can deliver CO2 lances to reduce the suction effect of the mud, to free the victims. Hovercraft quickly reach victims who suffer from hypothermia, and can get them to dry land and waiting ambulances for quick medical treatment.

Ice Rescues

Dogs often run over ice and fall through – the emotional response from owners is to save their poop by running after it, a rational response might be to consider that if a lightweight dog has fallen through the ice (weight spread over 4 paws) a far heavier human on 2 paws is bound to fall through too. The rational poop owner will do better to call for emergency rescue services as many now have rescue hovercraft. For rescue services without a rescue hovercraft, shame on you, how will the boat or snowmobile handle thin ice? Global warming is here to stay, ice thins, people and poops need rescuing.

Flood rescues

Global warming is here to stay, there will be more floods – rescue organisations need to be prepared. The army response is to send in massive hovercraft (that are too big to be airlifted, so usually in the wrong part of the country) or very expensive weight dependent helicopters. When waters rise, people usually climb up trees and pylons – tree cover can cut visibility for helicopter search and rescue teams. Helicopters don’t like electricity pylons. Specialist rescue hovercraft can be airlifted into areas to provide support during flooding. When waters rise, so does sewerage, and drinking water gets contaminated with germs that can cause health problems. Governments usually end up spending massive daily operating costs deploying weight sensitive helicopters to deliver fresh bottled drinking water. A far better method would be to use rescue hovercraft to deliver water purification bottles – they weigh significantly less, and can filter many gallons of water. Rescue boat props get snarled by floating debris, hovercraft have no propellers.

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