Rescue hovercraft

Rescue hovercraft

Preventing diseases, delivering fresh water and medicines.

Rescue Hovercraft – the rainy season is upon us. It should not surprise us, it happens every year, and the severity of flooding gets worse due to global warming.

After the floods, comes the threat of disease. Are we ever prepared?  No.

In India recently, more than 184,000 people have been rescued but authorities say another 100,000 people are still marooned.

Reports from the ground speak of a stench of death from animal carcasses, rotting vegetables, overflowing drains and other filth. Many parts are still submerged in four to five feet of water and officials are concentrating on supplying anti-diarrhoea, anti-infection medicines and using chlorine to avert diseases.

The death toll has passed 480 and is expected to rise. Local officials have asked for government’s help in restoring health infrastructure affected by the floods and to carry out an extensive measles vaccination programme.

Across the border in Pakistan, swelling rivers continued to flood large parts of the country, affecting more than two million people. Authorities say the army and emergency services have rescued more than 300,000 people.

Flood Rescue Solutions

Too many authorities rely on army helicopters which are expensive to buy, to operate and maintain, require special pilots, and generate 100 mile per hour downdraft winds  – long winch cables delay recovery time. Transporting drinking water by helicopters is madness, helicopters are weight sensitive and water is heavy, it weighs one Kilogram per Litre!

Once the water has been drunk, all you have left is an empty bottle, more trash.

Rescue Hovercraft

Rescue hovercraft are far cheaper to purchase, maintain and operate, no specialist pilot is required. You can airlift hovercraft to regional areas to deliver medicines, and fresh drinking water filtration bottles.

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Watch this video to see how water filter bottles clean dirty water, removing the threat of disease.