Hov Pod SPX TCC 65HP

Hov Pod SPX TCC 65HP


This 3-seater hovercraft is powered by the very popular Rotax 582 engine, with superb high power to weight characteristics, designed for microlight aviation applications. This engine has twin ignition system for failsafe aviation operation, so is extremely reliable.


On-land Payload of up to 912 pounds or 412 Kgs subject to conditions

On-water payload of up to 607 pounds or 275 Kgs subject to conditions

Notes: Some suppliers are a little economic with the truth about payload ratings, if you intend to go near water, all hovercraft create a pressure wave known as The Hump, and generally carry 50% less weight when starting on water (compared to on-land). Never ask hovercraft supplier – how many seats? Always check the on-water payload capability, to ensure you can get home. Check the weight of passengers and driver, additional equipment. Some conditions make starting on water more difficult, such as loading, wind strength, wind direction, and depth of water – deeper water is easier to start from.


The SPX hull was first introduced in 2005, and is manufactured from High Density Polyethylene (HDPE). The TCC version was introduced in 2010, and uses a thermal process that reduces weight, and improves strength and durability. HDPE is far stronger than glass fibre models, and the material is extremely buoyant. Hov Pod stopped production of glass fibre hovercraft in 2005  (ACX models)


As there are so many different applications for hovercraft, we offer a wide range of options, with some rescue / commercial  / military options not necessary for leisure use. For a detailed quote, please contact us and let us know how you wish to use the hovercraft (application) whether you can accept Excel files on your computer, where you live and what currency you wish to see (we invoice in pounds sterling).

Choice of Colour

Standard colours are Blue, Red, Teal and Yellow. Other colours available at additional cost include

Special Military Desert Sand/Orange/Lime/Purple/Pink. We also offer a colour matching service based on RAL colour references.

Hovercraft Skirts

The Hov Pod has segmented skirts so that if you damage one section, just that segment can be replaced, rather than the whole skirt, so this reduces running costs. We rejected the materials other suppliers use – we tested neoprene coated nylon but found this degrades when exposed to UV or sunlight. We also tried Hypalon, but found this to tear too easily – we don’t want to make money through providing frequent replacements.  We don’t want to saddle customers with frequent shipping costs. We now fit Polyurethane coated anti-rip nylon weave 375 Gsm skirts, and supply these to customers with hovercraft purchased from other suppliers. The Hov Pod skirt design and air management system is designed to prevent ploughing problems – we don’t say ploughing is impossible on a Hov Pod, but we do try to prevent ploughing issues. Request our buyers guide if unfamiliar with hovercraft characteristics and terms such as ploughing and hump.

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