Patrol Hovercraft

Patrol Hovercraft

 Military Hovercraft for Border Patrol

On Wednesday, 26 November 2008, 10 men in inflatable speedboats came ashore in Mumbai India and started a killing spree which resulted in the deaths of 164 people, injuring 308. They were spotted by local fisherman who were told to mind their own business – the fishermen’s subsequent report to police received little response.

Border security is now taken very seriously, and hovercraft are being deployed to deter terrorists, drug and people smugglers. Hovercraft are being used to patrol shallow water areas and large expanses of inter-tidal areas where boats are ineffective.

Traditional large patrol hovercraft can be very expensive to purchase and maintain, and require specialist pilots and engineers.

Military patrol hovercraft
Military patrol hovercraft

The new Hov Pod Carbon Infinity 120HP Turbo is constructed from Carbon Fibre and Kevlar / HDPE, and due to the lightweight properties of carbon fibre, this hovercraft delivers excellent price to weight ratios. Because it is so easy to drive, you don’t need to carry a dedicated pilot, so his weight can be used to carry another operative.

All hovercraft create a pressure wave when starting on water, so carry 50% less weight when starting on water compared to starting on land. Although suppliers may describe a hovercraft as having a number of seats, buyers need to drill down to check what weight can be carried from an on-water start, then consider the weight of personnel and kit.

The Carbon Infinity 120HP Turbo will carry half a tonne or 1105 pounds (500 Kgs) from an on-water start. Costing from $50,000 USD, for the same price of a traditional 10 seater patrol hovercraft made from aluminum,  the lightweight properties of carbon fibre deliver a far better cost per pound of on-water payload. Perhaps 5 or 10 Carbon Infinity hovercraft could be purchased for the cost of a traditional patrol hovercraft.

Effective Border Patrol Hovercraft

Measure the length of the border to patrol in miles and allow for a hovercraft to reach speeds of up to 40 mph. One hovercraft patrolling a 200 mile border could take up to 5 hours to patrol the entire area – whereas a fleet of smaller Carbon Infinity hovercraft could slash the response time. Look to nature for examples of just how effective swarms can be,  a swarm of African honey bees can easily deter an elephant. The collective payload capability of multiple Carbon Infinity hovercraft will be far greater per $ than any traditional patrol hovercraft.

The Carbon Infinity 120HP Turbo is easy to fly, maintain, transport and has far better delivery times than traditional patrol hovercraft. Contact us for more information.