Make Hovercraft

Make Hovercraft

Make Hovercraft – The Hov Pod LM is a nearly complete hovercraft – just add and fit the engine.

 Problems with Hovercraft kits

A number of suppliers in the past have offered hovercraft plans and hovercraft kits, and hovercraft builders have had mixed success. Factory made hovercraft tend to be safer to use than home made hovercraft – the few recorded hovercraft accidents over the last 5 years have involved self-build hovercraft. One man died (USA) when his home made glass fibre hovercraft shattered when traveling over an icy lake, another self-builder was struck and killed by unguarded fan blades (New Zealand), another man lost a few fingers from an unguarded rotating fan. (Australia). Fan blades rotate at 2000 rpm – make sure the hovercraft design you chose is probably guarded, front and rear, particularly if planning to use for hovercraft rides, since insurers will check safety aspects when offering public liability insurance.

Before making your own hovercraft, you need to be familiar with some of the operational problems, such as “getting over hump”. What weight can the hovercraft lift when you start on water? All hovercraft create a pressure wave referred to as Hump which can prevent the hovercraft starting on water – suppliers may forget to inform you the on-water payload, since all hovercraft generally can lift 50% more weight when starting on land. Some hovercraft “plow-in” meaning that they nose dive when traveling over water, throwing their contents and passengers forward – does the hovercraft design address issues with plowing?

Durability is a major factor – hovercraft are weight dependent, so factory supplied glass fibre hulls tend to be very thin to ensure they remain lightweight, which is great until you meet a tree stump, or if you plan to use for hovercraft rentals. The Hov Pod is unique, the only hovercraft manufactured from HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) so far stronger than glass fibre, and easier to repair.

With regards skirt material, the Hov Pod is supplied with polyurethane coated anti-rip nylon weave, some suppliers provide neoprene which degrades when exposed to UV (sunlight) or Hypalon which tears too easily. The Hov Pod air management system is designed to prevent plowing.

The Hov Pod LM is a factory assembled hovercraft less engine – we recommend customers use recommended engines from Rotax (582) or Weber Automotive. (120HP Turbo). Some suppliers advocate modifying the engine to up-rate them, we don’t since doing so will invalidate the engine suppliers warranty.

Ofcourse we are happy to supply you a fully factory built hovercraft supplied with full 12 months warranty, see the video below to see how we build hovercraft. For more information, visit