Jet Ski versus Hovercraft

Jet Ski versus Hovercraft

Jet Ski versus Hovercraft – There are plenty of ways to have fun these days, so how do PWC compare to hovercraft?


Hovercraft ride on a cushion of air so are arguably far more comfortable to ride on than PWC that take a pounding from the waves – the air cushion on a hovercraft should smooth out most obstacles you travel over. That said, the PWC may appear to be traveling faster due to the crashing effect you get from the ride. After  a day on a PWC your back may feel like it’s had a workout at the gym.

PWC or Hovercraft?
PWC versus Hovercraft


It is very important to consider safety, particularly in the marine environment – most PWC accidents accidents are caused by inattention, inexperience, inappropriate speed for the operating conditions and improper lookout. Hovercraft accidents are extremely rare, though a few home made hovercraft have caused injury when fan blades have been left unguarded front and rear. Fibre glass hovercraft have shattered when traveling over ice, causing hypothermia or drowning for one victim.


Cost of ownership is comparable although hovercraft may cost a little more, due to the fact that manufacturing output is less.


PWC are water based products, hovercraft handle any flat surface, so water, mud, sand, ice, snow and slipway.