Hovercrafts for sale

Hovercrafts for sale
Hovercrafts for sale

Hovercrafts for sale

10 things to check when buying a Hovercraft


If you are searching for hovercrafts for sale, here are some points to consider.  Some hovercraft have two engines, with one engine to provide lift and one to provide thrust, some have one engine that generates lift and thrust. As hovercraft are weight sensitive vehicles, the single integrated engine design reduces the weight on board, simplifies operation, reduces maintenance and fuel requirement, saving weight.


Because of the weight sensitivity, some suppliers make glass fibre hovercraft, whereas other hovercraft manufacturers supply stronger hulls manufactured from HDPE.


Check that electrics are protected from the elements, especially in a salt water environment.


Computer Aided Design (CAD) and Computer Numerical Control (CNC) provide greater accuracy for engineering components reducing vibration, wear and noise.


All hovercraft create a pressure wave when starting from on-water.


Check what weight can be lifted when the hovercraft starts on-water – generally, hovercraft carry more weight when starting on land (up to 50% more) so drill down to ask what weight can be carried when starting from an on-water start, otherwise you may have to swim home. Don’t ask how many seats the hovercraft has – this question marks you out as a novice, ask what the on-water payload capacity is. You may see images of fully loaded hovercraft flying over puddles, created to confuse the bewildered, but drill down to capability when starting from an on-water start.


Some hovercraft have a tendency to nose dive, so ask the supplier whether any steps in hovercraft design have been implemented to reduce this tendency


Check that the rotating fans are protected front and rear – they spin round at 2000 rpm, and some suppliers leave essential guards off to get more air throughput, so they can boost performance from under-powered but cheaper engines.

Skirt Material

Neoprene coated nylon degrades in sunlight (UV), Hypalon tears too easily, choose polyurethane coated anti-rip nylon weave.


Some suppliers modify or up-rate cheaper engines to get more power output, sounds great, but that invalidates the engine supplier’s warranty as it stresses out the engine – check what warranty cover the hovercraft ships with.

For more information visit www.hovpod.com