Hovercraft Image – Applications

Hovercraft Image – Applications

These hovercraft image examples show how hovercraft are used for so many different applications. Hovercraft are affordable and popular for leisure use, for gaining access to places not possible to reach by boat or other vehicles. A number of entrepreneurs have set up hovercraft rental companies to help spread the love of hovercraft. There are many commercial applications for hovercraft, we have supplied hovercraft for fishing, bridge repair and maintenance, power and pipe line surveys, mosquito control, shell fish farming and management. Hovercraft save lives, reaching victims who have fallen through ice or have got stuck in mud, or whose lives are threatened by flooding disasters, to save people from drowning, to deliver food, water and medicines. Hovercraft are used as SuperYacht tenders, for charter yacht entertainment, and access at low tide. Hovercraft are used for surveying, for environmental control and mud sampling, for UXO detection and clearance. Hovercraft are also used in homeland security and border patrol, to defend against insurgents, terrorists and drug smugglers.

This hovercraft image gallery will show the wide diversity of applications that hovercraft provide. If you need an image for your project, just copy from the page, but please add a reference to this site www.hovercraft.org so that others can discover this hovercraft image resource.


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