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September 11, 2014

By hovercraft.org

Hovercraft News

Hovercraft News

Hov Pod Newsletter September 2014

Welcome to our new website and interactive newsletter. This online format allows us to add a few links to help you navigate to social media links to get a better understand about the Hov Pod Hovercraft’s applications and unique features.

Hov Pod Referral Program Update

Many customers are signing up to our referral program to help spread the word about the Hov Pod – we offer discounts on purchase and pay commission for sales for customers you refer back to us. You can help pay for craft through commissions you make simply by using your craft- Hov Pods are natural show offs, they love to sell themselves, and as a Hov Pod owner, you will get lots of attention, and questions such as “where did you get this?”

When you refer customers to us and they purchase, you get a generous commission – what could be easier and simpler than that! It helps us raise the product profile and I’m sure you could use a few $1000 every so often.

Proactive referrers can also become full Hov Pod Dealers if they wish to join our sales and marketing team. We hope the growing network of Hov Pod Referrers will help other customers see, touch, feel a Hov Pod in an area near you.

Ex-Demo Hovercraft

We also have a few ex demo craft that are available at a discounted price, please see details at http://www.hovercraft.org/hovercraft-for-sale/  If you are looking for a specific model, please let Mike know.


Last year we created this new website which focus more on the various applications for hovercraft rather than the specifications of the Hov Pod Models. This website has now got a lot of interesting hovercraft content, I hope you can spare a couple of minutes to take a look around the various pages. Many people still don’t know you can buy personal and small commercial hovercraft, which is a great shame as hovercraft can save lives during flooding emergencies, or to rescue people who have fallen through ice, or got stuck in mud or sand. There are many commercial applications, from shell fishing, bridge construction, maintenance, UXO detection, access to areas not accessible by boats, Jet Skis or so called all-terrain vehicles. Hovercraft are popular with rental companies who offer rides at a few $$ per ride – this can be very lucrative, people of all ages love hovercraft, the thrill of land to water to land transitions, 180 turns, 360 spins. Flying a hovercraft has to be a bucket list must-do experience for everyone!


We also keep customers up to date with what‚s happening at Hov Pod via FaceBook at  https://www.facebook.com/HovPod – please mention www.hovercraft.org on your FaceBook page, I hope you will follow us to get news of special offers.

Google Plus

If you are on Google Plus, please follow us by searching for Hov Pod Hovercraft, or click on this link – https://plus.google.com/+HovPodHovercraft/posts


Hope you can follow our PInterest board at http://www.pinterest.com/hovpodhover/hovercraft/

USA Update

Last year we set up a US office near San Francisco to help support growing interest in the Hov Pod from the USA, Canada and South America. All aspects of Hov Pod ownership can be discussed by e mail as normal or via telephone, contact us with your contact number where we can call you. The US office will help organise shipping and provide technical support. There are many referrer and dealer opportunities still available to roll out the Hov Pod for better geographical coverage, so I hope you can join our marketing team.


We also have a lots of videos available at http://www.hovercraft-video.com  We recently added a video of a Hov Pod Drop Test, where we drop a Hov Pod off the top of a shipping container to demonstrate the strength and durability of the unique HDPE hull, it‚s well worth a quick watch, see video below (don’t try this with a glass fibre hovercraft)


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