Hovercraft Image – Surfaces

Hovercraft Image – Surfaces

Hovercraft image – where can hovercraft be used? Hovercraft can travel over many different surfaces, to include water, mud, sand, ice, snow, tarmac, concrete – any flat surface. I will upload examples of hovercraft into different gallery’s to illustrate the many different applications and opportunities for hovercraft. Hovercraft are very adaptable, and can be modified to aid rescue, patrol, commercial and survey operations. They are also very popular for leisure activities, or for use as SuperYacht tenders.

What type of surface can a hovercraft travel over? Any flat surface, so water, land, mud, sand, ice and snow, over short grass, up the beach, up the slipway. The fact that hovercraft can just keep on going when they change from this surface to that surface is really useful. When boats and JetSkis have to be put away when the tide is out, hovercraft can continue to operate, and this makes them very useful for gaining access to areas. Hovercraft are used during rescues to save people who have got stuck in the mud – boats don’t handle mud so well. Every year, people fall through the ice while ice fishing, or walking their dog – hovercraft enable the rescuers to reach victims before they drown or suffer from hypothermia – hovercraft save lives!

This image gallery will show the wide diversity of surfaces that hovercraft can travel over. If you need an image for your project, just copy from the page, but please add a reference to this site www.hovercraft.org so that others can discover this hovercraft image resource. Also see our other gallery showing the various applications that hovercraft are used for – http://www.hovercraft.org/hovercraftimage/

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