Hovercraft Fire Rescue

Fire Fighting Option for Hov Pod Carbon Infinity Rescue Hovercraft 

Hov Pod now offer a bespoke fire fighting option to tackle fires around airport perimeter lakes, mudflats, tidal areas  or indeed in any areas difficult to access by regular fire truck. This option further extends the rescue capabilities of the Carbon Infinity Hovercraft presently used for mud and ice rescues.

Due to the use of lightweight but exceptionally durable properties of carbon fibre and Kevlar, the new Carbon Infinity hovercraft has a superior payload capability, with sufficient lifting capacity for a crew of 2 plus the addition of the high performance twin discharge pump, foam monitor and 120 Litre foam tank unit.

Hovercraft Fire Rescue
Hovercraft Fire Rescue

Quick deployment, multiple rescue uses

Fixings for the fire fighting module enable quick deployment, so when not configured for fire fighting applications, the hovercraft can also be retrofitted with the victim carrying stretcher for mud, ice and water rescue situations. Air pumps can be added to help reduce suction during mud rescues.

The Carbon Infinity Hovercraft is easy to operate with minimum operator training required.

Reaching fire victims in an emergency in inaccessible areas  

Many locations are inaccessible to regular fire fighting trucks, so the Carbon Infinity can quickly deliver fire fighting equipment to tackle emergencies. Homes and chalets built on stilts are very often in shallow waters or mud so are inaccessible to boats and hard to get to by other means owing to distance from shoreline. Equally homes on small islands in ice seasons are impossible to reach.

How the system operates  

The cockpit mounted fire pump draws water from shallow water, lake or puddles in mud flats via a filter (alternatively a suction line from a fire truck based on shore can be run). The foam is discharged to a movable foam monitor nozzle mounted in the cockpit or a hand held foam branch pipe. The system can utilise direct water discharge for cooling or draw foam concentrate from an optional on-board mounted 32 gallon (120 litre) foam tank.

The flat bottom profile of the hovercraft hull provides a stable working platform, and a support gantry allows a single operator to stand up, to direct the foam / water at the fire source.


  • The Hov Pod Fire Fighting Option can be typical configured with:  120 litre AFFF foam tank.
  • 22HP Fire pump with 1 monitor outlet and/or 1 hand line branch pipe outlet.
  • 200 gallons/min at 100psi up to over 500 gallons/min at 15psi.
  • Or for Flood Relief 500 gallons/min at 15psi drainage pumping.

Hov Pod are happy to discuss variations to this specification to address other customer requirements.    Other options available include the gantry, flashing lights, spot light, headlights, and a stretcher platform.

For more information, please contact us via www.hovercraft.org