Hovercraft Experiences

Hovercraft Experiences

Never experienced a hovercraft ride?

Hovercraft Experiences – Hovercraft glide 9 inches over any flat surface, and can flit from water to land to water at speeds of up to 40 mph. Since you ride on a bubble of air, the ride sensation is unlike no other vehicle, you don’t bump into waves, the air suspension is superb! Smaller hovercraft may require you to use your weight to turn corners, it can be rather alarming to get a lack of response from the handlebar, especially if there is a tree in your path, and the hovercraft is constructed from glass fibre.

While hovering, a hovercraft will have the weight of a seagull standing on one leg! Hovercraft can fly over birds eggs without breaking any, checkout this video

There are many applications for hovercraft, you can buy them for fun, to rent out to customers but there are also many commercial applications, such as for surveys, UXO detection, mosquito control, shell fish collection – hovercraft can travel over mud, sand, inter-tidal areas, fast running and shallow waters – they have no propeller to get snagged on rocks or coral.

Hovercraft save lives and are useful for flood rescue, ice, mud and sand rescues.

Many people have yet to experience the thrill of flying on a hovercraft – and are willing to pay a few dollars to check “hovercraft experience” off their bucket list.