Hovercraft / Drone Applications

Hovercraft / Drone Applications

Hov Pod Hovercraft now offer a number of hovercraft / drone packages suitable for rescue, patrol, commercial and military applications. 

Hovercraft with drone
Hovercraft with drones overcome problems

As our hovercraft products have evolved, customers have asked whether we can assist to deliver complete packages combining both hovercraft and drone technology, to assist with search and rescue, border patrol, anti-terrorist, drug and people smuggling operations.

Product Evolution

Hov Pod introduced the world’s first production hovercraft to exploit Carbon Fibre / Kevlar composites. These materials help us increase the hovercraft size and their payload capabilities – previous HDPE hovercraft were restricted in size due to manufacturing restrictions.

Carbon Fibre is very strong yet lightweight, ideal for hovercraft construction. When you divide the purchase price by the additional payload capability, you can get a price per dollar cost in terms of number of pounds lift per $. No other hovercraft can match the high value that carbon fibre delivers; a simple calculation demonstrates the incredible value of carbon fibre construction. Since introduction of the Carbon Infinity, sales to commercial / rescue and military sectors has rocketed, taking Hov Pod into new commercial / rescue / military markets.

Extensive capability through our partner’s program

Customers now ask – How do I overcome this problem with hovercraft / drones? We maintain an extensive database of drone / hovercraft solutions to suit many diverse applications. We work with many drone manufacturers to deliver complete solutions to overcome a wide range of problems, put us to the test !

Overcoming Limited Drone Battery Life

We now offer robotically operated battery swap out stations to change and recharge drone batteries, allowing customers to deploy drones 24/7

Tethered Drones

We now offer hovercraft with tethered drones, powered by the hovercraft, to survey border areas or conduct lengthy search and rescue operations

Larger Payloads

We now supply drones capable of lifting 50 Kgs, able to deliver water filtration bottles, lifesavers, space blankets during natural disasters.

Future Developments

Hov Pod currently work with a number of drone suppliers and developers to deliver solutions requested by our customers. Over the last 20 years, we have built up a wide distribution network of dealers, distributors and consultants. We closely monitor drone developments, and look forward to engaging with new partners to solve various problems. If you have a drone requirement, or have developed a drone technology that you think our customers would appreciate, we look forward to hearing from you.