SuperYacht Tender

SuperYacht Tender

Hovercraft SuperYacht Tender

Hovercraft SuperYacht Tender – So imagine the problem, you have amassed a fortune, ordered and taken delivery of your SuperYacht, but your captain tells you that you cannot get ashore to visit the casino due to low tide.

SuperYacht Tender - Hovercraft

Traditional boat tenders have propellers that get snagged on underwater obstacles, manatees, sea turtle, coral, and don’t work so well over sand or mud – get a hovercraft!

Hovercraft have no propellers to get snagged – they fly at a typical cruising height of 8 inches over any flat surface. Hovercraft reach the parts that others fear to tread – if the tide is out, just fly over the mud or sand, up the beach, step onto firm ground without ever getting your gucci shoes wet – no gucci gucci goo for you.

Hovercraft also make for great guest entertainment, so if you charter out the yacht, offer hovercraft to your guests.

Never flown a hovercraft? Riding on a cushion of air is so liberating, like a magic carpet – so comfortable. Let’s face it, RIB tenders are fun, but crashing through the waves can give the old back a bit of a workout – hovercraft have built in air suspension and glide like a Bentley.

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