Leisure Hovercraft

Leisure Hovercraft

Personal Hovercraft for leisure fun 

Leisure hovercraft – Hovercraft can travel over any flat surface, so are not restricted by sand, inter-tidal areas, mud, ice, snow, shallow or fast running waters. There are many applications for hovercraft. new manufacturing techniques are making hovercraft affordable for personal leisure use, but there are also many commercial, rescue and military applications for hovercraft.

Leisure hovercraft

Hovercraft for Leisure

Hovercraft are fun – you can fly on a cushion of air over any flat surface, and travel from land to water to land without any problems. The air cushion suspension is very comfortable, especially compared to RIBs and Jet Skis – you don’t feel you have been to the gym or need a chiropractor the morning after riding a hovercraft, so great for folk who suffer from back pain. You float in a boat, but fly in a hovercraft – cruising at an altitude of 8 inches above the surface. Hovercraft are easy to operate, just use the handlebars to alter the direction of air passing over the rudders at the rear of the craft. Floating on a bubble of air diminishes friction, so you can glide, slide, do 180 turns, complete 360s – float up the beach to get an ice-cream. With no propeller to damage manatees, sea turtles, or get snagged on rocks or coral, you can reach places that boats cannot, far from the maddening crowd, to reach prime fishing areas.