Hovercraft Hire

Hovercraft hire for your next project

If you have a project that requires access to inter-tidal areas, or coastal transportation, we supply hovercraft hire at competitive rates. Let us quote you for your next project.  

Hovercraft hire services
Hire this commercial hovercraft for your next project

We manufacture and provide larger 7-seater commercial hovercraft hire, and can ship to any country.

We can train your own personnel, or provide trained staff.

Our commercial hovercraft are manufactured from Carbon Fibre and HDPE, not glass fibre as supplied by hobbyist leisure / hovercraft producers.

Our commercial hovercraft have front and rear safety guards fitted, underside protection / Kevlar, kill cords, anti-plough skirt system, flat bottom profiles for stability.

Hovercraft can be useful and save costs for a number of projects such as:

  • Biotope mapping
  • Bridge construction / repair / maintenance
  • Civil engineering Inter-tidal projects
  • Crew transfer
  • Ecological / environmental assessment
  • Geotechnical survey
  • Intertidal and estuary surveying
  • Marina construction / maintenance
  • Marine archaeology
  • Photography
  • Rescue from ice, mud & rapid water, flooding
  • River maintenance operations
  • Safety boat support
  • Transportation
  • TV/Media filming
  • UXO Survey and GPS mapping
  • Water & sediment sampling
  • Wildlife population survey / health assessment