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Hovercraft Applications

Hovercraft are so versatile, and have many applications

Hovercraft fly over any flat surface so can be used for many different applications, to include commercial, military, leisure, for rescue for during and after flooding emergencies, for rental, as a SuperYacht tender, and for survey applications. Hovercraft are the most versatile vehicle available, they float like a boat but has no propeller to get damaged on rocks or coral, and can work at anytime regardless of tidal conditions. The Hov Pod hull is very buoyant so will float when ice is thin, so far less risk from drowning and hypothermia than drivers of snow mobiles suffer. As for all-terrain vehicles, well they don’t do so well on mud, nor do they ride on water so well, so we wonder how they came to be known as ATVs.

Hovercraft applications

Hovercraft applications

Hov Pod have been supplying hovercraft since 2002, and our clear design objectives and emphasis on durability, safety, power to weight performance, ease of use and maintenance has resulted in increasing sales to commercial, military, rescue and survey applications.

This page links to the different applications the Hov Pod hovercraft has been used for. There are many options to suit various applications, and our hulls are easy to modify to meet specific customer requirements – we always like to apply a can do attitude to meet our customer’s objectives.


  • Commercial Hovercraft

    Commercial Hovercraft Commercial Hovercraft Applications Commercial Hovercraft – Hovercraft are all-terrain vehicles, and can fly during periods such as low tide when boats and ATVs cannot operate so they can be great time and money ...

  • Leisure Hovercraft

    Leisure Hovercraft Personal Hovercraft for leisure fun  Leisure hovercraft – Hovercraft can travel over any flat surface, so are not restricted by sand, inter-tidal areas, mud, ice, snow, shallow or fast running waters. There are ma...

  • Military Hovercraft

    Military Hovercraft Military applications for hovercraft Military Hovercraft – Many vehicles and products evolve according to military requirements, and hovercraft are no exception – since their introduction hovercraft have evo...

  • Rescue Hovercraft

    Rescue Hovercraft Rescue Hovercraft – Hovercraft are very useful for flood, mud and ice rescues where it is impossible to use a boat. Boats are pretty useless on ice and mud. During floods, boat propellers get snagged up on street fu...

  • Hovercraft Rental

    Hovercraft Rental Hov Pod have hovercraft available for short term commercial rental contracts, and can provide hovercraft training or drivers to assist as required, subject to availability, so ask us for details. Starting a Rental Hovercra...

  • SuperYacht Tender

    SuperYacht Tender Hovercraft SuperYacht Tender Hovercraft SuperYacht Tender – So imagine the problem, you have amassed a fortune, ordered and taken delivery of your SuperYacht, but your captain tells you that you cannot get ashore to...

  • Survey Hovercraft

    Survey Hovercraft Hovercraft are ideal for survey applications Hovercraft have a very light footprint, and can gain access to areas impossible to reach by boat or other transport. Hovercraft can fly over any flat surface, and do not have pr...

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