Flood Rescue

Flood Rescue

Hovercraft to the Rescue

Hovercraft to help save lives during flooding emergencies
Flood Rescue Hovercraft

During flooding emergencies, flood rescue hovercraft save victims from drowning, and can deliver food, medicines and water purification bottles when roads and bridges are impassable or damaged.

Hov Pod Hovercraft recently introduced the world’s first production carbon fibre hybrid 9-seater hovercraft the Carbon Infinity powered by a 120HP Turbo powered engine. What makes this new hovercraft unique is the use of materials such as Carbon Fibre, Kevlar (used for bullet proofing applications) and HDPE. Hovercraft are very weight sensitive, and are usually constructed from thin glass fibre that lack the strength and durability of Carbon Fibre. We supply hovercraft, water purification systems, and search rescue drones with night vision capabilities, and delivery systems to deliver essential medication and food supplies, contact us for further information at http://www.hovercraft.org/contact-us/

Compared to boats

Hovercraft have no propellers to get damaged by floating debris such as plastic bags, rice sacks, submerged items such as street furniture and wire fencing. Floods usually cause sewerage to overflow, and often rescuers are forced to wade through this hazardous stuff to reach victims. Boats do not handle shallow fast running water as well as hovercraft. Rising water levels changes the viscosity of sand and mud, which can traps victims, and expose them to the risk of death through drowning or hypothermia.

Compared to helicopters

When waters rise, people climb anything to escape, including electricity pylons and trees that obscure vision. Helicopters usually have poor communications with those on the ground, victims have died because helicopters have not spotted the victim due to tree cover.

Helicopters create 100 mph downdraft winds so are forced to have long winch cables that take time to reach a victim. Winch personnel have to travel up and down to secure victims to the harness, and helicopter weight restrictions prevent a winch-man from saving multiple victims per lift, he has to decide which flood victim gets rescued, while the others tread water. 

Post flood rescue

Once the water has been contaminated by sewerage overflow, diseases can spread, so the delivery of water purification bottles makes more sense than to deploy helicopters to supply water bottles. Helicopters are expensive to buy and operate, and are weight sensitive – water is heavy – once it’s been drunk, it’s gone, so far better to transport water purification systems.

We offer full training and can arrange shipping to every country – please contact us for pricing and further information at http://www.hovercraft.org/contact-us/