DSEi – Hovercraft

DSEi – Hovercraft

Meet us at DSEi – Hovercraft Stand N8 – 165 – 15th to 18th September 2015

DSEi – Hovercraft. They are letting us out of the office to attend the DSEi Exhibition next week, so if you are attending, please pop by to stand N8 – 165 to say hello, we will be happy to meet you.  We are introducing the Carbon Infinity 120HP Turbo, the first production hovercraft to be manufactured from Carbon Fibre / Kevlar and High Density Polyethylene. This hovercraft is already attracting considerable interest, since the strength and lightweight properties of Carbon Fibre deliver an impressive on-water payload of 500 Kgs or half a tonne. Compared to other hovercraft of this size, you get more pounds of lift per buck, more Kgs per Euro.

DSEi 2015
DSEi 2015
Take the Calculator Test

Compare the price of any mid range hovercraft to divide price by on-water payload to determine the true value  – be sure to compare on-water payload capability since hovercraft lift 50% more weight when starting on land, and it’s the on-water payload to get right when starting in a lake full of alligators.

Great Features

The Carbon Infinity 120HP Turbo is easy to operate, so no specialist pilot required, that should save some unnecessary weight. We fit safety features not found on other hovercraft. This hovercraft is easy to transport by road or airlift, and seats up to 9.

Delivery Times

Usually around 8 weeks from purchase, we are receiving many enquiries, so plan to expand our production facility to cope with demand.


We welcome interest from potential resellers – with more frequent flooding, this size hovercraft is ideal for flood rescue and relief activities. Also of interest for homeland security, border patrol to discourage people and drug / arms trafficking.