Dealer Representative Opportunity

Dealer Representative Opportunity

Do you share our passion for hovercraft?

We are looking for leisure and commercial dealers / representatives to represent our company and products in all geographic locations.

Dealer Representative Opportunity Hovercraft
Dealer Representative Opportunity Hovercraft

We seek dealers who share our love of hovercraft, and see the potential for hovercraft to serve a wide range of applications.

 Leisure Dealers 

The Hov Pod is a natural show-off, so we need leisure dealers to show and tell – the Hov Pod likes to sell itself.

Typical Profile – you will share our passion for hovercraft and see the potential for hovercraft to in your area, and be willing to commit to purchase of a demonstration unit, and come to our factory for three days training. Either sell and replace your demonstrator to offer immediate customer delivery, or configure customer hovercraft for new build.

Commercial, Rescue Survey and Military Patrol Resellers

There are many commercial, rescue, survey and military patrol applications for hovercraft.

Typical Profile – your company already supplies equipment and materials to SAR or military customers. You will add details of the Hov Pod to your existing website and provide sales support to assist customers to configure hovercraft suitable to their specific application. You will submit Hov Pod product features to customers who issue tenders


You must be able to undertake training, to provide customers with accurate sales information. You will promote the Hov Pod in your area, and raise the profile of our company and products on your existing website, at trade shows, and via other media outlets.

What we offer in return

  • Hovercraft that are safe, durable and easy to use.
  • High value products.
  • Products that are constructed to extremely tight digital tolerances, through exploitation of CAD / CNC technology.
  • Products designed using materials such as Carbon Fibre, Kevlar and HDPE.
  • Hov Pod Landing Page Website for sales lead control.
  • Protected exclusivity.
  • Sales support information, images, videos.
  • Technical library for 24/7 material support.

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