Commercial Hovercraft

Commercial Hovercraft

Carbon Infinity 120HP Turbo

Commercial Hovercraft – The Hov Pod Carbon Infinity 120HP Turbo is the first production hovercraft manufactured from Carbon Fibre. The low weight and high strength of carbon fibre establishes this 7-seater model as an extremely price-competitive commercial hovercraft.

Commercial Hovercraft
Commercial Hovercraft

Understanding the advantages of carbon fibre

Hovercraft weight

Hovercraft are weight sensitive vehicles, and commercial hovercraft tend to be fairly expensive when you consider the cost of lift per KG or pound. Carbon fibre has excellent properties – extremely strong yet incredibly lightweight. Glass fibre hovercraft can be extremely thin and lack durability, thus unsuitable for commercial work.

Hovercraft payload and price comparisons

When hovercraft start on water, they create a pressure wave known as the Hump, all hovercraft generally lift 50% more weight when starting on land than they can lift when starting on water. It is important to drill down in the specifications to establish what the on-water payload capability is, because if you are over weight when starting on water, it could be a long swim home!

The Carbon Infinity can lift up to 450 KGs or 995 pounds from an on-water start, or up to 675 KGs or 1492 pounds when starting on land.

Number of seats

It is dangerous to ask hovercraft suppliers how many seats a hovercraft model has got – weight is important, and as some passengers have eaten more pies than others, your passenger weight may exceed your on-water payload capability. If a hovercraft fails to “get over hump” you may need to call out the emergency services to get back home again. Hovercraft are not boats, auxiliary outboard engines don’t work!

The Litmus test

Compare hovercraft value by dividing the purchase price by the on-water payload capability, to achieve a cost per Kg or pound. The incredible properties of the Carbon Infinity 120HP Turbo will confirm this model as difficult to compete against.

Other features include:
  • Anti plough segmented skirts made from tough polyurethane coated anti-rip nylon weave.
  • Easy to operate, maintain and transport by standard car trailer – easy to airlift by helicopter.
  • Many options available to suit commercial, patrol and rescue applications.

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