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December 4, 2013

By hovercraft.org

Buying a Hovercraft

Buying a Hovercraft

Buying a Hovercraft  - There are many small hovercraft for sale – what should one consider before you buy a hovercraft?

Buying a Hovercraft

Buying a Hovercraft

Buying a Hovercraft - Here is a checklist to consider when buying recreational hovercraft:

Hovercraft Engines.

  • Some hovercraft have 2 separate engines, a lift engine and thrust engine, but this adds weight, so the integrated hovercraft design has one engine to split the air to provide both lift and thrust.
  • Some suppliers sell only 4 stroke engines and claim they are less noisy – actually the noise you hear from a hovercraft is generated by the rush of the air past the fan blades, so engine noise is not so important.
  • Why use 2-stroke engines? – well they are less heavy, and hovercraft are very weight sensitive.
  • 4-stroke engines are cleaner but heavier so you loose some of the power shifting the extra weight of the engine. Think fat bloke, thin bloke – thin ones run faster, fat blokes eat more calories, but don’t go any faster.
  • Make sure that the hovercraft you purchase comes supplied with full engine manufacturer’s warranty, some suppliers modify engines and up-rate them – engine suppliers don’t like this since it stresses out the engine, no one likes to run on full revs all day. Why do hovercraft suppliers modify engines? So they can buy them cheaper!

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