Buy Hovercrafts

Buy Hovercrafts

If you are considering to Buy Hovercrafts - there are a number of important things to know and ask a supplier. One bad question to ask a supplier is how many seats the hovercraft has - hovercraft have more difficulty starting on-water, so if you plan to use over water, be aware that all hovercraft carry 50% more weight when starting out from land. A better question to ask is - what is the on-water payload capability of this hovercraft?

Buy Hovercraft 2014
Buy Hovercrafts
Some suppliers happily quote on land payload, and will take advantage of your lack of knowledge in this regard, so beware. We are happy to provide a detailed hovercraft guide, but suggest you consider the following:

  • FreeBoard - some hovercraft have very low freeboard, allowing water to flood the cockpit - as you know, water is pretty heavy stuff, and there comes a tipping point where too much water in the cockpit can cause the hovercraft to sink. We checked the high freeboard and buoyancy of the Hov Pod SPX TCC models, and can overload them to take over one ton in weight before water ingresses into the hull. These models take 1027 Kgs or 2,270 pounds of weight before water ingresses into the hull - the weight of 12 adults or a 5 year old elephant.
  • Hull material - Many suppliers offer glass fibre hulls and claim their hulls to be the best - unfortunately, hovercraft are weight sensitive vehicles, and glass fibre construction tends to be very thin, far thinner than the average boat (Boats are not weight sensitive) and so thin that the hull will flex if you push against it. As hovercraft often travel over mud, the odd obstacle in your way should not result in disaster. We build the Hov Pod from High Density Polyurethane and Carbon Fibre - far stronger than glass fibre. Far lighter than aluminium, so delivering far superior price per payload (purchase price divided by on-water payload per Kg or pound).

Contact us for the full hovercraft guide to learn more about important safety aspects, plowing,  hump, engine modifications that invalidate warranty, skirt materials and design.

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