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Buy Hovercraft

If you are looking to buy hovercraft, you need to consider the following characteristics

All hovercraft create a pressure wave when starting on-water called the Hump – generally, hovercraft can lift 50% more weight when starting on land, compared to the weight they can lift when starting on water. Always check the on-water payload, never get fobbed off with on land payload, some suppliers prefer only to mention on-land payload.

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Buy Hovercraft

Never ask “how many seats”  – ask for the on-water payload capability. Some of us ate too many pies at thanksgiving and over Christmas, so consider the total weight of the passengers and fuel, especially if travelling over water, otherwise it could be a long swim home if you are overweight, unable to get airborne.

Some hovercraft tend to nose dive suddenly when travelling over water – the Hov Pod air management system, trim and skirt system is designed to prevent “ploughing” tendencies.

Check whether warranty is provided – some suppliers modify engines, and invalidate the engine suppliers warranty, since they don’t approve of engine modifications.

If planning to use the hovercraft over water, check the freeboard – the point at which water can flood into the hull. Some hovercraft have very low freeboard usually at the rear of the hovercraft due to the duct design and easily sink. Water is heavy stuff, and can sink a hovercraft with low freeboard.

While checking the back of the hovercraft, make sure the fan blades are properly guarded – some suppliers leave off fan guards to improve the air throughput, allowing them to fit cheaper lawn mower engines.

Check that the engine is properly covered and protected from salt water spray.

Check that hot exhaust systems are not exposed to passengers and bystanders.

If planning to use hovercraft over ice or for commercial use, glass fibre hulls are usually very thin, and flex easily (hovercraft are weight dependent so suppliers make wafer thin hulls). HDPE and Carbon Fibre is far stronger.

Check skirt materials – neoprene coated nylon may last weeks, Hypalon is better, Polyurethane coated anti nylon anti rip weave is best – it is not just the frequent replacement costs that are annoying, but also frequent associated shipping costs.

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