Build a Hovercraft

Build a Hovercraft

How easy is it to build a hovercraft?

Build a Hovercraft – This hovercraft video explains how the Hov Pod Hovercraft is manufactured from HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) Hov Pod manufacture a range of hovercraft from HDPE and Carbon Fibre, from 3 seater size to 7 seater.

There are hovercraft kits available on the Internet, and also hovercraft designs or plans. Before venturing to build your own hovercraft, you should appreciate that hovercraft are very weight sensitive. Race hovercraft tend to be constructed from thin glass fibre, designed for speed rather than for durability.

Recreational hovercraft need to be more durable, and safe to be used over water. Here is a checklist to consider if you buy a hovercraft kit or fully assembled craft from a hovercraft manufacturer. For a full buyers guide, see

Speed or durability? Racing hovercraft are fast but not very durable, since top speeds require lightweight construction. HDPE is far more durable than thin glass fibre.

Hump – all hovercraft create a pressure wave when starting on water – they carry 50% more weight when starting on land, so if venturing over water, and you stop, make sure your hovercraft has sufficient power to get over hump.

Check safety  – does the hovercraft have a fan guard front and rear? Those fan blades rotate at over 2000 rpm, so it is important to fit proper guards – some suppliers fit cheaper less powerful engines and leave guards off to allow more air throughput. (Guards slow air, decide what you want, speed or safety)