6 Seater Hovercraft

6 Seater Hovercraft

New ground breaking hovercraft design exploits new materials

Hov Pod has introduced a new cutting edge hovercraft that exploits new materials such Carbon Fibre, Kevlar (as used for bullet proofing applications, and High Density Polyethylene.  Never before has a hovercraft been manufactured from this combination of materials, and as a result Hov Pod expect this hovercraft to prove very popular.

6 seater hovercraft
Hov Pod Carbon Infinity 120HP Turbo

Originally designed as a 6 seater hovercraft with expected on-water payload capability of 425 Kgs, (939 pounds) final tests for the Hov Pod Carbon Infinity 120HP Turbo delighted the development team, and resulted in a 18% improvement to deliver an on-water payload of 500 Kgs, that’s half a tonne in weight from an on-water start. (1105 pounds).

Initial customer reaction has been very encouraging, with firm orders received from rescue organisations and the military.

Hovercraft save lives

Hovercraft save lives, and allow rescuers to quickly reach victims who fall through ice, get stuck in mud, or risk drowning or hypothermia during flooding emergencies. Hovercraft are far more affordable to buy and operate compared to helicopters. Traditional mud / ice rescuers waste valuable time donning dry suits and trying to reach victims with ropes – in mud rescues, an air lance is normally required to free the victim from the suction of the mud, otherwise back pain and damage can result for the victim.

Border Patrol

The threat of terrorism and drug  / people smuggling has raised security concerns, especially since the Mumbai Massacre. Whereas in the past military hovercraft have been very expensive, a 200 mile border patrolled by one military hovercraft might deliver a response time of 5 hours. For the same budget, the customer could afford to buy multiple hovercraft to provide a “swarm” able to respond far faster, with a greater number of operatives – this would slash response time to deter an attack.

Value for Money

The new Hov Pod Carbon Infinity 120HP Turbo has a significant price advantage compared to traditional hovercraft made from aluminium which is easy to quantify – simply divide the price by the on-water payload to calculate the price per pound or Kg capability – no other hovercraft comes close to the performance provided by Carbon Fibre.

Delivery Times

Large hovercraft delivery times are very long, Hov Pod delivery times in contrast are very quick – we can produce these models in a matter of weeks.

Easy to Transport

This 6 seater hovercraft is very easy to transport behind a standard auto.

Easy to Operate, easy to maintain

The design has deliberately focused on ease of operation – no specialist (and heavy) pilot is required, no specialist engineers are required.

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